Walking In The Rain – A Department Store For The Mind Book

I'm very excited to announce the launch of 'Walking In The Rain' by Department Sore for The mind Books. The book is published by Octopus Books.

I was lucky enough to shoot the photography for this beautiful book and can confirm it is an object of desire as well as pure literary soul food! Here's a little more about it;

'Walking is medicine for the mind. It helps us slow down and think things through. It also helps us perk up and generate new ideas. There are few activities as readily available and revitalizing as a brisk walk, or as soothing and stimulating as a long walk. Wonderful things can happen when we set out on two feet.

Within these pages, you will find stories from artists, designers, writers, psychologists and speakers who are inspired by the effect of pacing outdoors. You will hear of walks in the city, hikes through woods at dawn and epic adventures involving long journeys on foot. No matter the scale of the tale, the writer offers lessons they learned of a simple, human nature that we can all understand.'

Order your copy now through Department Store For The Mind Books using this link: https://deptstoreforthemind.com/product/walking-in-the-rain

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