My portrait photography is classic in style and composition, I aim to portray the essence of the person I am photographing, while making the experience both engaging and enjoyable.

Creating portraits may be my favourite of all the genres, although it is hard to pick a favourite area of photography in truth, as I love photographing  different subjects. One of the many aspects I enjoy so much about working with a person to make their portrait is engaging with them and finding out about who they are. Not everyone finds the process of being photographed very easy or inviting but I believe I am able to put people at ease - I have been told that I do so many times so I’m confident that it’s true.

I want to make the experience of being photographed by me a positive one, I want you to be a part of it rather than me imposing myself on the situation, I don’t want to direct you too heavily and I hope the result will be a collaboration.

My portraits are often lit principally with daylight plus some subtle, supplementary lighting to enhance the overall daylight feel. When full lighting is required, I still take my queue from natural light, my process is to keep it simple, only adding light when necessary to improve and build an atmosphere.

In my portraits, I am intending to portray the essence of a person with warmth and compassion. I am looking for the nuanced communication, unseen or unknown by the sitter, a glimpse of something unconsciously presented, a revelation of their character. I won't exploit the situation, I fully appreciate that a person can feel quite vulnerable when being photographed and I am very conscious of this and I'll take steps to reassure and make it an inclusive experience.

I notice that people I've photographed who are in the public eye, often use my portraits of them for a long time, I hope it's because they are pleased with how I've represented them but also that my images are classic in their style and don't easily date.