I have a wealth of experience in editorial photography, photographing commissions for magazines and publications. Telling compelling visual stories through my photography creatively and accurately.

I remember special photographic images from my childhood, seeing them in newspapers, books and magazines along with the stories they helped to tell. I’m amazed at how the impact they had on me then has stayed with me down the years. The ability of a powerful image to endure, undiminished is a characteristic of photography that I venerate.

I began my career shooting for magazines and publications and an editorial commission remains one of my favourite kind of assignments to get involved with.

Through my first job at The Independent newspaper, I learned about how news stories and features are illustrated by photography. For the photographer it is critical to understanding the fundamental elements of what is being conveyed in the copy and interpreting that visually to support it. To illustrate a feature or story means trying to encapsulate the essence of the story in a single image or collection of images by being sensitive, accurate and decisive as well as creative. I find it extremely satisfying seeing my published work in print form. Spotting my work on newsstands or in books is always a proud moment.

 Joining up a particular circle on this theme must be my love of photographing writers, of whom I’ve photographed many for magazine and newspaper features and also for author photographs which have been commissioned for book covers and profile pieces. Perhaps I’ve been lucky with my subjects but so far I’ve always found we share a good rapport and have had much to talk about during our shoots. In recent years the magazine market has of course changed a great deal due to the advent of digital media but as this market has shifted so the need for strong web site and blog content has opened up, creating yet more opportunities for documenting, illustrating and the telling of stories.