Peter Guinness narrating for the film ‘Bedward Story’

Actor Peter Guinness was at The Royal Academy of Music last week recording his part as narrator for the film 'Bedward Story', as the photographer for the film I was there to document the day with various members of the crew including Creator, Director Lee Guilliland (pictured). The atmosphere was incredible with Peter's uniquely fabulous voice & exceptional interpretation of the script.
PeterGui PG-Final-Pair

Herring Gull

While working in Dorset I got up early one morning to photograph the sea birds. I was so pleased I'd made the effort as it reminded me what a beautiful quality the light can have at that time of the day.

‘Pamper Parcels’ Launch

I've been working with Katie Steel of Supafrank, the brand identity experts on the new company Pamper Parcels who specialise in natural, organic, pampering gifts delivered to your door. Created by entrepreneur Rosie Shelly (pictured), I worked with Katie & Rosie to produce some portrait images that would convey the values & direction of the company.