After graduating, I spent several years working at The Independent Newspaper before embarking on a freelance career in photography. I have worked in a wide variety of arenas incorporating magazines, publishing houses, design companies, film production companies, architectural practices and large corporations, all with an emphasis on producing high quality portraits, reportage and narrative images. I am continually striving to produce images that will resonate and convey an emotion, an atmosphere, a vulnerability revealed and a feeling that will linger with the viewer.

The changing qualities of light, the sharpening and softening, within a day or throughout a year are integral to my work. Light is always my first and most important consideration. In my subjects I am looking for the nuanced communication, unseen or unknown by the sitter, a glimpse of something unconsciously presented, a revelation of their character.                                       

I am very happy to say that this is all I have ever wanted to pursue professionally and I find it wholly satisfying and fulfilling. I hope to provoke a positive emotional reaction in someone when they look at my work, I have a unique way of seeing the world & I am passionate about showing you that. I’m single minded in my approach.

Today My clients are people who like what I do and who like me. They are in need of interesting portraits, perceptive reportage, bespoke web content or a fresh way of representing their brands. I strive to show in my work - a sensitivity, a dynamic and insightful way of seeing things, an original vision.

I capture the imagination of your audience with relevant, emotive and memorable images, I care about how you are perceived in the market place and I want to enhance your image, for you to look current, stylish and original, turning heads and drawing in a wider audience.

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