Libi Pedder Photography

‘Using photography to tell compelling visual stories for brands, people and publications, with a proven vision that delivers your message remarkably’.

I offer my clients an original & fresh perspective through my work. I’m commercially astute but from a fine art background so I understand the importance of working creatively and considerately within the constraints of a budget and timescale. My individual vision, matched with my demonstrated ability to interpret your needs and transform them in to accurate, emotive images will engage you and your audience.

Because people connect immediately with pictures, shooting with me is an opportunity to capitalise on this. I can transform your requirements in to a single image story or a series of images that tell the story collectively.

Working with me means I won’t impose myself on your situation to its detriment but rather follow events as they unfold, leaving room for spontaneity while keeping an attentive hold on the reins. As I trained by shooting on film, you’ll find me accurate, disciplined & not prone to overshoot. The strength of my technique means that I’ll be ready when the moment presents itself.

My body of work demonstrates my extensive experience, my distinguishable style and my versatility.  You will be listened to, I would like to know exactly what you want the result to look like and I will explain how I am going to deliver that.

I have worked across many arenas incorporating magazines, publishing houses, design companies, film production companies, architects and large corporations and my diverse experience means I offer a versatile and flexible approach. I relish hearing what you require and then scoping out the logistics of the shoot and suggesting image and style ideas so that we can really get a strong idea together of how I will be meet your image needs. I am highly organised and put time and energy in to researching your subject your company and your wishes. I over prepare!

Clients include